Chripstophe Laporte sealed the silver medal at the World Road Championship in Wollongong. The Frenchman won the sprint for second from a reduced peloton.

Christophe Laporte:

“The plan for France was to have a hard race from the start and that’s what we did. Julian [Alaphilippe] was not sure of his shape today. So we didn’t really have a single plan. I was there for the sprint, and Benoit [Cosnefroy], Valentin Madouas and Julian were to follow on the climbs.”

“Not everything went perfect, but I think we can be happy with our result today. With three kilometres to go, we saw some groups ahead of us, but didn’t know who they were. We caught them with about five hundred metres to go and I didn't know anything, I just went full to the line.”

"At the end they told me I sprinted to a silver medal. It all went very quickly in the last two laps, so it is nice to still finish second. I have won some very good races this season, but I definitely can be happy with this medal, too.”