Sophie De Boer has decided to retire from professional cyclocross. The 2016-2017 UCI World Cup winner has been suffering from injuries the last seasons, and despite fighting back multiple times, Sophie had to deal with another setback recently with a new back injury.  


"I’ve made this decision two weeks ago and it wasnt an easy one and there’s been a lot of factors which contributed to this descision. I can not put this into words easily but shortly, I don’t feel the joy anymore to continue this path. The last seasons I struggled to achieve the level I wanted and it was hard sometimes to put a finger on the exact reason. I know I did everything I could to hold on to a dream of mine and I worked soooo hard to achieve that."

"But in the last couple of weeks I experienced again a lot of back pain which is giving me so much pain during high intensity that I don’t have the power outcome which i need for racing. And i feel i’m tired of trying, so it’s time for a new adventure! I'm very grateful for the last 15 years of racing; the people I met, the achievements & the dissapointmemts and all the support I got from you all. That’s something very special. Thank you."