Michael Vanthourenhout has won the first cyclocross on Belgian grounds of the 2022-2023 season.

Vanthourenhout created a gap just before going into the second half of the race. The rider from Bingoal - Pauwels Sauzen held onto the finish line, soloing into the mud to a convincing victory in Kruibeke.

Michael Vanthourenhout:

“I had a good feeling quite early in the race. When Iserbyt tried, I felt I had some power left to try myself. I attacked and held onto my pace. Though I didn’t feel that strong yet the past couple of weeks, it is nice to start the season with this victory.”

“The course dind’t lie. There was no time to save energy. You had to keep your focus throughout the race, especially with the slanted part. But I kept searching my lines and it turned out well.”

“The first race of the season is always hard to predict, because you don’t know the level of your competitors. Before racing today, I would have given myself a 6  for my shape; now I give myself an 8. I'm definitely more at ease now."