Commercial Partnerships

We create sponsorship deals, strive for long-term partnerships and watch over a clear return on investment constantly.



ISEA not only has its expertise in athlete representation, but also helps to build successful partnerships between companies, sports teams and athletes. After thorough research, ISEA suggests, advices and act as an intermediate between possible sponsors, cycling teams and/or riders.

Through sports, companies have found an effective marketing strategy to strengthen their brand, create awareness, engage actual and attract new clients. Because cycling is viewed in numerous countries - ranging from the core cycling countries, such as Belgium and France to countries where cycling is rapidly emerging, such as Japan and the United Arab Emirates - Isea helps brands to obtain a heightened visibility over the entire world. Moreover, the possibilities of sports hospitality to invite clients or employees offer another value of succesful sponsorships.

Cycling, as an international sport, seems to be an ideal platform to raise brand awareness, spread a positive image and maintain good customer and employee relations.

ISEA does extensive research to identify a company's or team's best matches, establishes tailor-made partnerships deals and reflects on sponsorship activations to achieve multiple marketing objectives. 

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